Book Recommendations: Understanding a Woman's identity in Christ (Women & Scripture)

1.  WHO SAID WOMEN CAN'T TEACH  -- by Charles Trombley (1985 Bridge Publishing Inc.)

       This book is about "God's vision for women in ministry" and a study of the letters of Paul concerning women and much more.

2.  Woman this is War: Gender, Slavery & the Evangelical Caste System - by Jocelyn Anderson.

The author "takes a new look at old arguments traditionally used to keep men and women enslaved in illegitimate bondage based on sex . . ."

3.  Woman Submit! by Jocelyn Anderson.
This book is about Christians and domestic violence.  The author shares her own personal story of liberation from spousal abuse. 
4.  Junia: The first Woman Apostle -- by Eldon Jay Epp

". . .theologians and scribes could not believe (or wanted to suppress) that Paul had numbered a woman among the earliest churches' apostles, Junia's name was changed in Romans 16:7 to a masculine form . . ." (Amazon's description.)

5.  BY YOUR TRADITIONS But Not by God's Word -- by Reverend Arthur C. Griffin, Th. D., D. D. (2nd ed. 1993, Black Light Fellowship)

"A theological perspective against arguments and actions opposing and hindering women in the Gospel Ministry."

6.  WOMAN AS PRIEST, BISHOP & LAITY -- by Arthur Frederick Ide (1984, Ide House Inc.,)
"With a translation and critical commentary on Romans 16 and other relevant Scripture and patrological writings on women in the early Christian Church."

7.  Daughters of the Church: Women and ministry from New Testament times to the present -- by Ruth A. Tucker & Walter Liefeld.  (1987, Zondervan Publishing House)
       "A restoring of balance to history that has repeatedly played down the significance of the contribution of women . . ."  Included is an exegetical study of relevant scripture passages. 

8.  JEWISH WOMEN IN GRECO-ROMAN  PALESTINE  --  by Tal Ilan (1996, Hendrickson Publishers)

"This study explores the real-social, political, and religious status women in Palestine Judaism of Hellenistic and Roman periods.  This investigation concludes that extreme religious groups in Judaism of the period influenced other groups, classes, and factions to tighten their control of women."

9.  GOOD NEWS FOR WOMEN:  A Biblical Picture of Gender Equality --  by Rebecca Merrill Groothuis (1997, Baker Books)

       The author presents "The biblical case for gender equality and assesses the traditional proof texts."

10.  WHEN WOMEN WERE PRIESTS -- by Karen Jo Toriesen (1993, Harper San Francisco)

"Women's leadership in the Early Church and the Scandal of their Subordination in the Rise of Christianity"

11.  In addition to the above, a very good book to read is "THE SUBTLE POWER OF SPIRITUAL ABUSE," by David Johnson & Jeff VanVonderen (1991, Bethany House Publishers)

This book helps the reader to identify and deal with spiritual abuse.  The author not only touches on a woman's issues but also other important areas.

more to come . . .