Saturday, July 02, 2005

Post #1: An introduction to the purpose of this blog

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  • Below is a list of some of the distorted views that are openly propagated against women. These views are supposedly based upon a few bible passages that will be examined in this blog. Here are some of the comments I have recently encountered, and by those who claim to be teachers of God's Word.

    They said, . . .

    1. God gave men authority over women because women are easily deceived!
    2. No woman will ever teach me!
    3. The role of women in the church is to pray and not to lead, but that's a good thing, yes, that's important too!
    4. Even though a verse can be interpreted another way, we cannot take this view because then the verse we use to subject women to men will be invalidated, and we don't want that to happen!
    5. God appointed the man of the house to teach the children about God not the mother!
    6. The husband must nurture the wife and lead her into maturity and growth in Christ!
    7. Wives should ask permission of their husband's in order to interject their point of view when they disagree with his decision! (This being said by a Christian female author who submitted her book for approval to her pastor before sending it out to be published).

    I also would like to acknowledge the many men of God who have labored in the Word of God and have greatly contributed in liberating women to the truth of Christ.

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    Ty said...

    Bravo! Finally a good look at the mis-history of the church. Let us not forget that if it was not for women--bringing thier husbands in Christian Maturity--the church would not have survived much past the original disciples...let me know when the book is published.